5 of the best Salem ghost and witch tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published June 5, 2020

The year was 1692, the town: Salem, Massachusetts. One of America’s earliest cases of mass hysteria was well underway as two hundred people were hauled before a judge, accused of witchcraft. 25 of them would die: 20 by execution, while five passed away in jail. The grizzly episode, backed by a rabid theocracy masquerading as religion, thrust the term ‘witch hunt’ into the English language. The term is still liberally used as political bombast by would-be autocrats to this day. Arthur Miller even set his revered and ever-relevant play, The Crucible, in Salem, using the witch trials as a thinly-veiled metaphor for one of the more recent American hysterical episodes: McCarthyism. The good news is, there are far less insidious witch hunts (or tours as they’re now known) still taking place daily in Salem, MA. Naturally, with all that untimely death, there are quite a few ghost tours to be had around the city as well. No trip to Salem is complete without a witch and/or ghost tour, and there are plenty of them flying around. You won’t need a magic broom to join them either; all you need to do is delve into this list, conjured up through the alchemy of comparison (taking into account past guest reviews, price, duration and regularity). So, without further hocus pocus, here are five of the best ghost and witch tours of Salem.