San Diego State Football Tickets 2018 & 2019 – Where to buy

by Scott Dylan  |  Published July 4, 2018

SDCCU Stadium is about to host the Aztecs’ 97th season and San Diego State fans are lining up to get their tickets to the most anticipated games of the season. The San Diego Aztecs have 12 games scheduled for the 2018-2019 season, 5 away and 7 home. The season starts with a match against Stanford on Aug. 31 and ends with a match against Hawai’i on Nov. 24.

SDCCU Stadium

The penultimate match of the regular season is against the Fresno State Bulldogs, the Aztecs’ historic rivals. While there’s no guarantee the Aztecs will make it to a bowl game this year, the odds are very good. So where’s the best place to buy cheap tickets to see San Diego State? For purchasing tickets we recommend the two leading websites and well as one other website that offers tickets.

Ticketmaster is the official reseller for San Diego State football tickets. Ticketmaster offers a great seating selection, allowing you to get as close to the action as you can afford. Many of the Aztecs’ 2018 regular season games have already sold out, so most of the tickets for sale on Ticketmaster and StubHub are resale tickets. You’ll probably have to buy a resale ticket, which is why Ticketmaster is our top pick for Aztecs football tickets. Ticketmaster’s Verified Tickets policy ensures that the tickets you purchase are 100% authentic and re-issued in your name so they can’t be counterfeited. Ticketmaster’s fees are a little lower than StubHub’s, averaging about 20% compared to StubHub’s 25-30%.
StubHub’s interface is a bit easier to use than Ticketmaster’s, which makes finding the tickets to the seats you want a little smoother. Ticket prices between the two platforms are comparable, although we found that StubHub offers more “teaser” prices that don’t turn out to as great as they look at first while Ticketmaster is more upfront regarding pricing. Although we recommend buying from Ticketmaster, if you’re buying last-minute to a sold-out game, it’s worth checking out StubHub.
If Coach Rocky Long’s winning streak continues, the chances are very good that San Diego State will make it to the post-season playoffs. Since bowl games are never played at either of the teams’ home stadiums—to avoid giving a home field advantage to either team—San Diego State fans who want to support the team in the post-season will have to travel. While we don’t know which bowl or where it will be held—yet—PrimeSport is a great option for fans looking for combined hotel and ticket packages.