Where to Buy Cheap Seattle Seahawks Tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published November 17, 2018

It was in 1976 that the Seattle Seahawks took the field for the first time. Led by head coach Jack Patera, they finished just 2-12 that first season. However, in 1978 and 1979, the team picked up some success. finishing both campaigns with a 9-7 record. In 1979, this earned Patera the title of Coach of the Year. Chuck Knox took over as head coach in 1983, leading the team to the playoffs. In 1995, the team finally had a player inducted into the Hall of Fame with the legendary Steve Largent, who is often dubbed the biggest star in the history of the franchise. It was Super Bowl XLVIII that the team achieved their first Super Bowl victory.

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Fans who want to see the Seahawks in action at the 72,000-capacity CenturyLink Field will often be looking for the cheapest way to get hold of tickets. So to help you, we painstakingly examined numerous online options for football tickets to find the most affordable way you can watch one of America’s most storied sports teams take to the field in the flesh.

Ticketmaster is the official vendor of all NFL team tickets. Fans who purchase tickets via Ticketmaster can rest assured that their tickets are verified and guaranteed. Tickets are mobile only, so the risk of fraud is not something to worry about. The first five upcoming homes games of the season at CenturyLink Field list the following as the lowest prices on Ticketmaster: Seahawks-Cowboys US$215, Seahawks-Rams US$133, Seahawks-Chargers US$112, Seahawks-Packers US$189 and Seahawks-49ers US$133. When buying through this vendor, expect about 20 percent in fees to be added to the ticket price. Fans might also decide to make game day easier by purchasing a parking pass, so that they don’t have to struggle to find an affordable place to park on game day when the area can be quite hectic. Since the tickets purchased are guaranteed, if for some reason the game needs to be cancelled, fans will be eligible to have the ticket price refunded. This includes any parking pass that may have been purchased with the game tickets. Those who want to add a little extra security to their tickets might consider buying additional insurance that would qualify them for a refund if they can’t attend the game.
Getting tickets via StubHub is similar to the process with Ticketmaster and base prices are comparable too. Prices for upcoming games include: Seahawks-Vikings US$105, Seahawks-Chiefs US$85 and Seahawks-Cardinals US$85. When buying from this website, expect to pay 30 percent in fees on top of the price of the tickets. Compared to Ticketmaster, this is an approximate increase of 10 percent. When buying tickets, it’s possible to also pick up a parking pass. The fees vary per game for parking passes. Fans are not able to add any additional insurance to any tickets that they buy via StubHub. This is important to keep in mind for fans who think something might occur to prevent them from being able to attend the game.


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Still riding on the excitement of a recent Super Bowl win, the Seahawks are one of the teams to watch. During the 2018 regular season, getting season tickets makes it easy to be present for every play. For the 2018 season, season tickets are currently sold out. The waiting list accommodates 12,000 fans and it is at capacity. Fans wanting season tickets for this season or 2019 should get on the Notification List. As people get notified they can join the Blue Pride Wait List. They will need to deposit $100 per seat. Each buyer is able to get up to four seats. There’s currently no estimate on how long it might take to be eligible to get season tickets. Season ticket prices range from US$610 to US$4,600. Those buying these tickets can opt to pay it all at once or as part of a payment plan. Fans with these tickets receive a gift, the ability to attend a Training Camp and opportunities to attend special events.