The best snorkeling tours in Maui

by Paul Stafford  |  Published January 20, 2017

Hawaiian paradise is epitomised by the volcanic island of Maui. The microclimates that exist across the island give rise to a diverse abundance of animal and plant life. But it is in the Pacific Ocean, lapping at Maui’s shores, that the true natural wonder lies. Despite many of the coral reefs around the island having been badly damaged by unconscientious tourism, turtles and tropical fish can still be seen.

There are some great tours that limit the number of people they take so as to minimise the risk to the remaining reefs. We here at TravelMag have perused the options and float this list of the best three out to you. Criteria we used to judge each tour included the price, duration, quality of experience and previous reviews. Always double check that your tour operator is registered.