5 of the Best Surf Camps in Ericeira, Portugal

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published September 13, 2023

While Huntington or Bondi may spring to mind when talking about surfing, some of the best waves in the world can be found in parts of Europe such as Ericeira, Portugal. This year-round destination is packed full of surf camps to get to grips with the sport or hone your skills. Here are five of the best.

Ericeira is one of the world’s top surfing destinations (Photo: booksurfcamps.com)

The pretty seaside town of Ericeira, Portugal, may be a surfing mecca but it avoids the usual cliches of eye-wateringly overpriced smoothies and ‘go big or go home’ attitude. Instead it’s a laid-back place, filled with sunbleached, ornate architecture, where mariscada and octopus salad is plentiful and cheap, and the vino verde flows better than fizzy energy drinks. Then there is the surfing – just 40 minutes from Lisbon, Ericeira’s coastline is good enough to be one of just 12 global World Surfing Reserves. Experienced surfers travel from all over the world to experience the waves at Ericeira, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t space on 11km of beach for beginners or anyone looking to improve their skills. There are great surf camps on hand to help at all levels. Here are five of the best:

8 Day Premium White Waves Surf Camp in Ericeira

For anyone wanting to just concentrate on improving their surfing straight out of the airport, this is a great surf camp where you even get the kitchen sink thrown in (that is use of the kitchen and BBQ). Magikvanilla is a converted traditional Portuguese house which is just far enough from the main buzz of Ericeira to make it relaxed and secluded, but also a short walk anywhere. Most essentials are included, from airport transfer and surfing equipment, to breakfast and a wednesday barbecue, as well as a video analysis and photo session. However, with just five surf lessons included, this is not the most intense surf camp for improvement, rather a nice complete package that errs more on the side of a holiday. Eight days/ seven nights from €575

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8 Days Surf and Yoga Retreat in Casais de São Lourenço, Portugal

Ondina Guesthouse is an oasis of calm (Photo: bookyogaretreats.com)

If pensively staring at the horizon and muttering to yourself about sets and barrels seems a little intense, then maybe it makes sense to mix your surf camp up a little. Taking place at the clean, wood and white, Ondina Guest House, located at Casais de S. Lourenço, a small village close to Ericeira, this combo package mixes surfing and yoga, the thinking being that the two compliment each other. The retreat includes twice daily yoga to improve flexibility and balance, ample surf sessions, six brunches and dinners, and one massage session to rejuvenate your body after a long day full of activities. This package is for those who want to come at surfing from a more relaxed, meditative angle. It could even make you more zen and at one with the waves – who knows? Eight days/ seven nights from €707.

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7 Day Intensive Surf Coaching for All Levels in Ericeira

Right, it’s time to get serious. This package is for all levels – beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers – who absolutely must come away more bodacious than when they arrived. That means a dedicated surfing plan with different objectives to train, nine 2.5 or 3-hour surf lessons, theory lessons, video analysis – whatever it takes – all from a team with years of experience. The emphasis here is more on learning, so food and frills not connected to surfing are not included, although there is a well-equipped kitchen at the hostel. Seven days/ six nights from € 490.

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4 Day Beginner and Intermediate Surf Coaching Camp in Ericeira

This four-day camp is designed to boost confidence (Photo: booksurfcamps.com)

For anyone new to surfing it can feel intimidating hitting the waves for the first time. This four- day camp is designed for beginners and intermediates who want to gain confidence and find their feet. Usefully it is short at just four days, so no big commitment is needed if you are new to the sport. Surfing instructors assess each level and work out a dedicated plan to help improve, with three days of surfing included. It’s a budget package so guests must prepare their own meals, but for anyone who just wants a taster of surfing or see if it’s worth putting more time in, it’s a great few days away. Four days/ three nights from € 247.

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8 Day Family Surf Holiday in Ericeira

With deluxe accommodation on offer, this family camp is great for relaxing and surfing (Photo: booksurfcamps.com)

If family holidays seemed to fizzle out with that last trip to Disneyland, it might be time to get the gang back together. Whatever the age group, this family surf camp is a really nice idea for some quality time together – think of it as a ski trip in the sea. Catering for all levels, there is also a range of accommodation, from low-cost to deluxe, so that everyone in the family will be happy. After the airport pick-up, surfing equipment and four surf lessons are provided, as well advice on goof places to eat and drink in your downtime. For families looking for something new for their holiday, or even a reunion to include the grown-up kids, it’s a great way to share an interest. Eight days/ seven nights from € 3,450.

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