Eastern Europe

5 of the best tours from Prague to Budapest

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 12, 2018

Central Europe’s major cities are fascinating places to explore. The grandeur of the Habsburg Empire can still be seen in huge stately buildings, Gothic architecture and sturdy castles. This is a land that has been shaped by centuries of warfare and tumult. Add to that the Soviet era, remembered still today by many of the inhabitants of these cities who lived through it, and the result is a series of distinct cities with singular atmospheres that are a joy to explore on foot.

While many of these major cities, like Bratislava and Budapest, are chained together by the Danube River, Prague is an outlier to the north. The best way to connect them all together is via a tour that either speeds you between each city in the fastest way possible, or which utilises different forms of transportation to make the journey part of the experience. Here are five of the best tours from Prague to Budapest, or vice-versa.