Like a Local: 10 of the most unique foods of the Philippines

by Paul Stafford  |  Published August 20, 2018

6. Betute

Frogs that have sadly seen better days (Photo: Paul Stafford)

Definitely receiving full marks for originality, cuisine in the Philippines certainly does not shy away from mixing their meats. This might stem from the fact that loads of dishes are made with fish oil, which is ridiculously delicious, and has therefore broken the taboo of mixing meats. In the case of betute, you take some delicious ground meat like pork or beef. Nothing unusual about that, right? Then you go and stuff it into a frog. Whoa! That got weird pretty fast.

Betute is not so widespread in the Philippines and you’d probably have to track it down at a special restaurant in most parts of the country, but this is considered quite a delicacy in the Philippines. Once the frog is stuffed, along with some garlic and vinegar, it is then deep fried until crispy.