Like a Local: 10 of the most unique foods of the Philippines

by Paul Stafford  |  Published August 20, 2018

7. Kare kare

Seafood kare kare is a variation of the classic (Photo: louis r via Flickr)

When some genius came up with the idea of blending peanut butter with chocolate, the world thanked them, and continues to do so. Well the lesser known, but equally delightful peanut butter pairing, that you may never have contemplated before, is oxtail stew.

The peanuts are crushed and combined with toasted rice into a paste. Usually string beans and aubergine are tossed into the mix along with the meat, making a very pleasing and moreish dish. There are some variations of kare kare too, such as the seafood kare kare, served with prawns, squid and oysters. Basically peanuts will go well with anything and kare kare proves it.