5 Unique things to do in Rimini

by Paul Joseph  |  Published January 12, 2017

Perched on the Adriatic coast in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, the city of Rimini is renowned for its serene and shallow waters that make it ideal for relaxed and leisurely swimming, and a vibrant nightlife scene thanks to its array of buzzing beachside clubs and bars.

Ponte di Tiberio Bridge in Rimini, Italy (Photo: Nicola Eusebi via Flickr / CC By 2.0)

Dotted with fascinating ancient architecture, including a 15th-century reconstruction of an old Franciscan church, it is also a culture lover’s paradise, ensuring that visitors here can range from party-goers to history buffs. If that’s whetted your appetite, allow us to give you further inspiration with our pick of 5 unique things to do in this beautiful corner of Italy.

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1. The Arch of Augustus

Rimini is one of those European cities that can make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. With several primordial sites sprinkled liberally across the historic centre, there’s few more impressive than this splendid arc, constructed in 27BC and boastings carvings of Jupiter, Apollo and Neptune. Marking the end of the Via Flaminia, which linked ancient Rome with Ariminum, this is a great spot for peering through a window into a distant past.

Tiberius Bridge

A front-on view of the ancient Arch of Augustus (Photo: Carole Raddato via Flickr / CC By 2.0)

2. La Notte Rosa

If you happen to be in Rimini in early July, you might be lucky enough to catch the single day of the year when the city paints itself pink. Not literally, but it’s a close thing. Translated as ‘The Pink Night’, La Notte Rosa sees Romini and the rest of the Emilia-Romagna coastline given a rose-tinted makeover, with plenty of al fresco revelry creating a carnival atmosphere.

La Notte Rosa

Revellers at the 2013 edition of La Notte Rosa (Photo: rivieradirimini via Flickr / CC By 2.0)

3. Piazza Tri Martiri

Another fascinating historic landmark, this piazza is nestled on the site of an ancient forum. Peer around and your gaze will soon fall on a statue of the great Julius Caesar – a small monument that marks the spot where the iconic Roman general is said to have addressed his troops in 49BC. There’s also a plaque commemorating three partisans hung in the square during the Second World War. For refreshments, there’s a café on the north-eastern said to serve coffee that meets the Italian seal of approval.

4. Rimini Beach

The biggest coastal resort on the Adriatic, Rimini’s main beach is famous around the world. It stretches an impressive 15km, meaning you’ll always find a spot to enjoy its sun-kissed sand, even during high-season. It’s also got every amenity imaginable, making it family friendly and just a great place to enjoy the region’s superb year-round weather.

Rimini Beach

Deckchairs line the sand on Rimini Beach (Photo: Riad 21)

5. Cocorico

For a big night out, there are not many better destinations in this part of Italy than Rimini. The city is home to a wide number of ‘superclubs’, among which is Cocorico, said to be Italy’s largest and most renowned dance venues. For those seeking an intimate nightspot, this won’t be for you, for serious hedonists who love big venues, big crowds and big name DJs, Cocorico will be everything you’ve dreamed of.