A Review of WallyPark Airport Parking

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated March 14, 2024

Servicing a number of destinations across the United States, WallyPark are a renowned provider of off-airport parking. We’ve created a comprehensive review of the company below.

(Photo: Josh Hallett via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Parking close to an airport but not directly at the terminal – also known as off-airport parking –  is a great way for travellers to save money. While it often takes longer to get to your terminal this way, most off-airport parking deals include a free shuttle service that will transport you to where you need to be in just minutes. Among the biggest names in the US off-airport parking sector are WallyPark – but what makes them stand out from their competitors?

Company background

Founded back in 1992, Wally Park have since grown to become one of America’s leading off-airport parking companies, building a strong reputation for streamlining people’s travel requirements with convenient, affordable off-airport parking options that simplify and enhance the travel experience. Today their services continue to be used by millions of travellers each year.


WallyPark currently has a total of nine parking facilities scattered from coast to coast that can be found in the following locations: Atlanta, Georgia; Denver, Colorado; Jacksonville, Florida; Los Angeles and San Diego, California; Orlando, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Seattle, Washington.

All of WallyPark’s facilities are situated within easy reach of their closest international airports. The distance from each location to the airport is: WallyPark Atlanta (2.6 miles) WallyPark Denver (4.3 miles), WallyPark Jacksonville (2.3 miles), WallyPark Los Angeles (0.9 miles), WallyPark Orlando (2.6 miles), WallyPark Philadelphia (1.3 miles), WallyPark San Diego (2 miles), and WallyPark Seattle (1.5 miles).

Services & amenities

Many of the services and amenities offered at WallyPark facilities are uniform, but others vary depending on the location – for example at Wallypark Seatac there are two separate facilities, one with a premier garage and another with outdoor valet services. However, at most of their facilities both valet and self-park services are available for short and long term parking, with a choice of covered and uncovered parking also an option. Among the additional services you might find are car washing, oil changes, EV charging stations, and even pet care.

With WallyPark, complimentary shuttles take you conveniently to the airport, continuously looping from the terminals to the lot and back again at regular intervals. This ensures that you’ll never be waiting too long for your ride to or from the airport. Another bonus for those travelling heavy is that the WallyPark shuttle bus drivers will always be on hand to help you with your luggage, if necessary.

WallyPark facilities are also equipped with high security contingencies to ensure you can leave your car with maximum peace of mind. The facilities are all gated and there’s 24/7 on-site staff, security and cameras. What’s more, to help guarantee that you find your vehicle in the same condition in which you left it, some WallyPark facilities also install protective door pads between cars.

Customer reviews

One of the most reassuring aspects of booking your parking at a WallyPark location is how well reviewed they are online. When we looked across customer review websites we found consistently excellent feedback, on everything from the standard and upkeep of their facilities and the reliability of their shuttle services, to the friendliness of the facility staff and overall customer service.


We mentioned in our intro that one of the biggest advantages of WallyPark over official airport parking is that rates are invariably cheaper at off-airport facilities. But how much cheaper? Well, based on our research, we estimate that you can save an average of around $70 per week by using WallyPark over official parking – and these savings are highest for long-term parking.

As an example, when we searched for a week’s parking at Wallypark LAx  in Los Angeles, the cheapest rate we found was $26 per day, which works out at $182 per week. However, at WallyPark’s Atlanta facility, you could park for a week for just $77. And when we conducted similar searches for other locations, we found the same result: consistently high savings with WallyPark. So if you’re happy to relinquish the obvious convenience of parking directly at an airport, then WallyPark starts to look like a no-brainer.

One thing you should be aware of is that WallyPark’s rates adjust often in order to offer you the lowest rates, so you may sometimes see some price discrepancies across dates and locations. The lowest rates tend to be available online and fees are charged on a Per Day basis. In some cases, state, city, and airport fees may apply. It should also be noted that while WallyPark deals can be a real money-saver, booking directly through the website is not the cheapest solution, with a number of  more affordable off-airport parking options available.

Where to book

We recommend booking WallyPark through, as we found they offer the most affordable rates. There are also a number of other off-airport parking providers on the website too.