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5 of the best Washington DC private tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published May 26, 2020

Depending on your outlook, it’s the home of freedom, the ultimate American beacon of hope and dreams; or it’s the swamp, a place of torpid bureaucracy and a scam-artist leadership intent on lining their own pockets. Either way you look at it, and particularly if you’re capable of a more nuanced opinion, Washington DC is the indispensable cornerstone of the great American machine. A walk along the Mall is a walk through the history of Western democracy in the last few centuries, with some key landmarks and memorials included along the way, from the White House to the Capitol. But distances are quite far to cover on foot and a guided tour is a great way to see the city’s best sights with minimal fuss.

Private guided tours are particularly in vogue in Washington D.C. because there’s so much to see. They are often done in consummate style, with SUVs, in particular, giving off that Presidential motorcade vibe. The best way to keep costs down when looking for a private tour in Washington D.C. is to go as a group. As such, all prices listed below are group fees, with the maximum number of passengers varying depending on the tour. We have sorted through enough itineraries and information to keep any bureaucrat happy to bring you the best five private tours, taking into account the price, the quality of transportation and the reviews of previous guests. Right this way please, Sirs and Madams.