The Best Yellowstone Tours from Jackson Hole

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Updated September 4, 2022

One of the best entry points to Yellowstone National Park is via the town of Jackson, aka Jackson Hole. Here are some of the best Yellowstone tours running from the town.

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Geysers and buffalo, bears and hot springs; there are few natural wonders quite as magnificent as Yellowstone National Park. The huge expanse of wilderness is revered as much for its wildlife as for its geological marvels. Covering the whole park properly would take weeks, and you’ll certainly need some form of specialised transportation to get around, which is why tours are a great way to sit back and appreciate the highlights. Here are four of the best Yellowstone tours running from the Jackson Hole area.

Full-Day Yellowstone Lower Loop Tour from Jackson, Wyoming

Jackson provides great access to what’s known as Yellowstone’s Lower Loop. It’s a key part of the park’s character, containing the Old Faithful geyser, Fountain Paint Pots with its bright red and yellow mud, and plenty of different waterfalls in and around the area. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to wander the boardwalks that meander safely over the basins to provide better views of these natural phenomena and all the while, be sure to keep an eye out for Yellowstone’s incredible local wildlife. From $299 per person.

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Best of Yellowstone – Guided National Park Safari Tour

If the highlight of Yellowstone National Park for you is likely to be the remarkable wildlife, such as grizzly bears, moose, elk, trumpeter swans and possibly even wolves, then this safari tour is for you. You are highly likely to encounter the great American bison, and you will stop regularly for a chance to take photos and get a closer look at the wildlife without invading the creatures’ space. Sights such as Yellowstone Lake, Mud Volcano, Fountain Paint Pots and Old Faithful also feature on your itinerary. From $345 per person.

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Yellowstone National Park Tour from Jackson Hole

This 11-hour tour is among the best reviewed and loved tours in all of Wyoming, thanks to its neatly balanced and insightful coverage of Yellowstone National Park. Guides provide deeper dives into the area’s remarkable volcanic geology, before you get to witness real examples of such processes, including Lewis Canyon, Old Faithful, Fountain Paint Pot and lofty waterfalls at an area dubbed the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. There will be plenty of photo stops to see the geology, ecology and biology of this remarkable place, too. From $380 per person.

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Jackson: 2-Day Yellowstone National Park Tour with Lunches

Yellowstone really is a vast national park and if you want a tour that covers, extensively, both the upper and lower loops of the region, then there fortunately is one. Name a key point of interest in the park and the chances are, you will visit it over your time in Yellowstone with this tour. The fee includes your guide, transportation and lunch on both days, not only offering you stops at all these spots so that you can walk the boardwalks, but also giving you more time inside the park, increasing the likelihood that you’ll spot a variety of wildlife during your stay. From $650 per person.

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