Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles (Photo: Slices of Light via Flickr)

Translating to The City of Angels and also known as The City of Dreams, Los Angeles is a beautiful landscape of both inspiration and aspirations. A winning combination for visitors, the second largest US city has a lot to offer indeed. Cruise the coastline on The Pacific Coast Highway Route 1, or the PCH as it’s known locally, for stunning views of beaches from Long Beach all the way to the rugged hills of Malibu. Stop at Venice Beach to sunbathe and watch the surfers—and the human circus parading down the boardwalk: artists and performers, skateboarders with snakes, chainsaw jugglers, tattooed bikini babes and bodybuilders. See firsthand the lifestyles of the rich and famous by driving through Beverly hills and splurging at the shops on Rodeo Drive. Take advantage of LA’s rich history in the entertainment and music industry, and tour one of the major film and television studios before bar hopping along Sunset Strip. To experience art in a serene setting, don’t miss the Getty Museum with its lush surroundings, modern architecture and incredible landscaping. You, too, will be inspired and invigorated in a city pulsing with creative energy and ambition.