New England

Autumn in Vermont (Photo: M. Shalvatis via Flickr)

From the iconic white churches steeples poking out of the colorful foliage at the heart of every New England town to the lovely lighthouses that warn ships while beckoning tourists, New England really is as pretty as a postcard. Made up of Six states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, each has a distinct character, but together the entire area has a strong and unique identity, emanating charm and natural beauty unlike any other area in the US. As the region of the earliest English settlements in North America and home to America’s founding fathers, its rich history is seen everywhere from its historic homes boasting Georgian Style and Greek Revival architecture to its Revolutionary War sites. Most popular in fall, each season has something to offer: winter brings the beauty of an ice-capped landscape and with it snow sports, spring comes alive with urban events and cultural attractions, and summer is best for its beaches and outdoor activities in the mountains and meadows.