The Best French Language Schools in Paris

by Paul Joseph  |  Published October 26, 2017

For anyone who has moved to a new country, learning the language is the quickest way to integrate yourself into everyday life and truly get the most out of your stay. It can also serve you in good stead for future years, improve your job opportunities and is a great chance to meet a diverse range of people.

Photo: Herbert Albuquerque via Flickr

In Paris there are a wide number of French language schools offering a variety of courses to suit different preferences and needs. We’ve done some research and picked out three of the best, based on a number of factors including range of courses available, price and student reviews.

Alliance Francaise

Situated in central Paris, just a stone’s throw from the Luxembourg Garden, the Alliance Française welcomes almost 10,000 students from 160 different nationalities every year. A not-for-profit organisation, the school works alongside the Paris City Hall as well as members of the educational and corporate sectors to provide high quality French-language education. A wide range of course are on offer, including courses designed to help students achieve admission to university, develop their language skills to communicate in the workplace, and enhance their speaking skills to make interaction and daily life easier. There’s also small-group sessions focussing on oral skills and phonetics, and evening classes are available too. Furthermore, the school also hosts various activities offered by the Alliance Française include language and reading club workshops, literary meetings, and Parisian museum visits.

Photo: Alliance Francaise

Accord French Language School

Founded in 1988, Accord has forged a strong reputation for its high quality French courses for foreign students. Located in a typical Parisian building in the heart of the city, the school offers a huge variety of courses, ranging from family courses, summer courses and one-to-one courses, as well as courses geared towards professional requirements, such as business French and French for law. There’s also evening classes for those who work, or are otherwise busy, during the day. Other services include help with arranging accommodation, whether students wish to stay with a host family or in a hotel or a private residence.

Photo: Accord French Language School

Lutèce Langue

Established more than two decades ago, Lutece Langue offers a variety of French language courses designed for both professional or personal use. General, professional and specialised courses are available from one week to one year, throughout year, and students can choose the level of intensity to suit their preferences and needs. There’s evening and weekend courses too, as well as one-to-one Skype courses if you can’t attend classes in person. As for the school’s teaching philosophy, the focus is on oral – rather than written – communication and classes are kept to no more than seven students to ensure everyone is given the maximum attention to help achieve their goals.

Photo: Lutèce Langue