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At TravelMag we make travel our business, so that you can take pleasure in discovering off-the grid destinations from around the globe. Our writers offer fresh, unique perspectives in the form of travel essays and in-depth local guides that go beyond the guide book. Our mission is to fuel your sense of adventure, inflame your imagination, and inspire you to daydream, while providing all the information you need to make that dream a reality. All you have to do is pack your bags!

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Our Editors

Paul Stafford

Paul Stafford is a freelance travel writer and filmmaker. He is generally to be found in London, otherwise anywhere that isn’t at all like London. Paul has also lived in Mexico, India, South Korea and Spain. He is currently completing his first book Shards of the Empires, about Eastern Europe. Paul’s personal website
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Breawna Power Eaton

Breawna (Bre) Power Eaton is a writer and editor, wife and mother, runner and adventure seeker. Her work as an educator and advocate for social justice have led to volunteer opportunities to teach in Uganda and on Peace Boat, on a sea voyage circumnavigating the globe. Whether searching for the most eastern point in North America, the freshest sushi in Tokyo, or the best skyr in Iceland, Bre aims to immerse herself in each new location she meets, for a taste of what “normal” means around the world.

Davina van Buren

Davina is a freelance journalist and content writer based in the Southern U.S. With a background in radio and television broadcasting, she has a talent for telling heavily reported stories in an accessible, conversational tone. A longtime digital nomad, Davina loves road tripping and is an avid runner and camper—in 2020, she began traveling North America in a converted minivan. Her passion is writing about the intersection of food, travel and sustainability and she aims to get more minorities into the outdoor lifestyle. Her dog, Katniss, is always by her side and travels more than most people. Follow Davina on Instagram at @EcoTraveling Foodie.


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