The best 4 Star Hotels in Barcelona

by Chris Newens  |  Published January 29, 2018

An enchanting medieval heart, miles of swimmable beach, a thriving underground culture, one of the most pleasant climates in Europe, fantastic food: it’s hard to say what Barcelona doesn’t have. Vying, undoubtedly, for the title of “world’s best city”, it’s one that we at TravelMag are consistently drawn back to. Even the recent rumblings about Catalan independence shouldn’t put you off; if anything they just add to the feeling that the city is going through a moment, electrifying its already electric streets even more.

Hotels-wise, you’re spoilt for choice, particularly at the more luxurious end, where more traditional establishments compete with ultra-modern ones for your custom, and rooftop pools abound. Accordingly, we’ve searched high and low to bring you tips for all tastes.