5 of the best dinner & sunset cruises in Honolulu & Waikiki

by Cedric Pentonville  |  Published December 7, 2020

Honolulu and its main beach resort region, Waikiki, are great places to find boat tours out onto the Pacific Ocean. Dinner and sunset cruises in particular offer travelers a completely different perspective of Oahu, with a chance to try local cuisine and raise a toast with a complimentary beverage or three, as the land is bathed in warm golden hour light. And occasionally some of the native marine life makes an appearance to add to the natural splendor.

Catamarans, power boats and sail boats all ply the ocean on these dinner and sunset cruises, the majority of which set sail from Waikiki. Of the many options available, we have filtered out the top five available from the Honolulu area. We took various factors into consideration in compiling this list, including the value for money, tour group size, health and safety provisions, and the quality of the food and drinks on your dinner cruise, with which you will be liberally plied (hopefully).