5 of the best New Orleans Swamp Tours

by Chris Newens  |  Published February 26, 2020

Is there any more evocative landscape in the U.S. than the swamps of Louisiana? Mile after mile of eerily still water, loomed over by trees draped in Spanish moss, and through gaps in the foliage, are glimpses of weatherboard houses that speak of mystery and the blues. Then, there’s the wildlife, with choruses of birds competing with those of frogs, and floating with sinister intent through the rushes: alligators.

What’s even better, all this and more is within easy striking distance of the Big Easy, New Orleans itself, and there are a whole plethora of companies set up to take you around the swamps and inform you of both their historical and natural significance. Tours are, naturally enough, made on boats, and if you pay slightly more, great fan-powered air boats, another icon of Louisiana Americana, redolent of a very particular kind of frontier spirit and offering what feels like a journey into the recent past.