The best affordable and cheap hotels in Rock Springs

by Alexander Castro  |  Published October 23, 2017

You might not expect the fourth-most populated city in Wyoming to be a symbol of cultural difference. And yet it is:
Rock Springs has been dubbed the Home of 56 Nationalities, given the diversity and volume of immigrants who worked in
its coal mines when the Union Pacific Railroad was being built. International Day is celebrated annually with a host of
different cultural events. (The 2017 celebration featured Polish folk dancing, Taiko drumming and over 20 imported
beers.) Beyond culture, there are plenty of natural offerings, like Fossil Butte National Monument (perfect for hikers)
and White Mountain. It seems to be most attractive to travelers during the summer months.

Planning to visit Rock Springs? Lodging here isn’t too expensive and we’ve selected three charming properties for you to check out. We’ve made our picks based on proximity to the city center and past customer rating. We priced the hotels by comparing rates for a three-night stay across several weeks.