New Mexico

The best affordable and cheap hotels in Ruidoso

by Alexander Castro  |  Published October 2, 2020

Situated in the Sierra Blanca mountain range, the village of Ruidoso is a great early winter destination, with plenty of fresh snowfall for skiing, snowboarding and the like. (Makes sense: the Spanish translation of its name means ‘white mountains.’) This resort town is known for Ski Apache, a Mescalero Apache-owned ski spot that sits atop a 12,000-foot mountain. The Mountain Gods resort is another popular destination with casino games and a golf course.

Resorts and ski-adjacenct lodging can get expensive, so we’ve found three alternative properties for you in Ruidoso. At 14 square miles, it’s not a large town, so all of these properties are near each other and also the action of the slopes, or at least some brand of sparkling natural beauty. We’ve only selected properties with a customer rating of 8 or more.