The Best Airbnb Management Companies in London

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated September 28, 2023

For Airbnb hosts in London, a large number of management companies promise to deal with everything from bookings and meet-and-greets to cleaning and maintenance.

A view over the river in London at dusk (Photo: Schezar via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Airbnb continues to dominate the home-sharing sector, with property owners around the world opening up their homes to travellers. For hosts – and in particular those who own multiple properties – the challenges of managing the process of letting out their homes can be extremely time-consuming.  If you’re thinking of becoming a London Airbnb host, or are already one, we’ve picked out five of the best Airbnb management companies currently operating in the capital.

City Relay

A renowned property management company, City Relay are experts in flexible letting, providing a comprehensive service that blends short, mid and long-term lets to achieve the best return for partners while meeting the needs of residents. Their end-to-end service takes care of every last detail, from marketing and payments to cleaning and maintenance. Being a tech-focused company, City Relay’s proprietary platform, DRIVE, provides real-time visibility into their property portfolio, so they can enjoy a bird’s eye view of its performance. What’s more, unlike most of their industry counterparts, they also manage all operations in-house with a network of maintenance and housekeeping experts across the capital to ensure a high-quality, consistent service that both property owners and residents can rely on.


Guest Ready

One of Europe’s leading Airbnb management companies, the team behind GuestReady call upon their 50-plus years of experience in the fields of hospitality, finance and even rocket science to offer premium Airbnb management services. The company is focused on helping landlords turn their investments into profitable income by using technology to bring the tradition of hospitality to the short-let market. They take charge of everything, from the initial listing of your property through to check-in, maintenance, concierge, housekeeping and check-out, providing guests with an experience akin to a high-end hotel. Hosts can also keep track of everything from guest bookings to revenue via a dedicated dashboard.



Operating across the capital, Smarthost are a fast growing PropTech company. They optimise property revenue while providing landlords with the flexibility they need, managing every aspect of their property, from listings to managing guest communication, reservations, payments, cleaning, maintenance, and more. Smarthost’s reach extends across over 15 booking platforms, including market leaders like Airbnb and Booking.com. With their specialised and adaptable letting approach, they promise to boost hosts’ revenue by up to 40% compared to traditional long-term rentals. As a boutique property management firm, they also offer round-the-clock support for both hosts and guests.



UpperKey offers guaranteed, above-market monthly rents to owners regardless of whether their property is occupied by guests or not. They reduce risks for hosts while providing year-round stability and maximised rental profits. UpperKey becomes the main tenant of the property then uses a specialised guest-vetting process to ensure they attract high-quality guests only. Thanks to their strong Asian partnerships, they can also accommodate professionals traveling on business with their families. Their team handles all aspects of Airbnb hosting, employing a technology-driven approach that allows new properties to be listed in minutes. Other services include frequent cleanings and routine maintenance.



Established in 2013, HelloGuest have rapidly gained popularity for their short-let management and guest hosting services in London and cities around the UK. Providing a personalised management service tailored to the requirements of each individual property owner, the company pledges to optimise your home’s earning potential by ensuring it is occupied for as much of the time as possible. They offer a whole menu of services, ranging from meet and greets and liaising with guests to creating your property listing and overseeing your bookings online. HelloGuest can also arrange consultations with interior design experts who will help property owners form a creative vision for their home.



Established in 2015, Houst have enjoyed a rapid growth, initially managing just a small smattering of properties in London but now looking after thousands across the UK capital and beyond – operating in a total of eight different countries. They use cutting-edge technology to manage every element of a booking: from property pricing and guest communication to cleaning, laundry, maintenance, and more. They claim to command an exceptional annual occupancy rate of 83.1% thanks to their captivating listings that come with enticing descriptions and professional photography that highlight each property’s best features and characteristics. They then optimise each listing by using dynamic pricing strategies, maximising visibility and applying competitive rates. Furthermore, targeted digital marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation further enhance each property’s exposure.