The best all inclusive hotels in Halkidiki

by Paul Joseph  |  Published July 25, 2018

The most popular tourist destination in northern Greece, Halkidiki attracts visitors with its pristine sandy beaches, sheltered bays and vibrant nightlife. Geographically it is also one of the region’s most distinctive areas, featuring three jutting peninsulas known as the three legs of Halkidiki. Awash with modern resorts and pumping nightspots it may be, but it’s also a historical goldmine, with several notable archaeological sites to be found here.

Not surprisingly given the huge numbers of tourists who flock here each year, there’s no shortage of accommodation options in Halkidiki. Among them are several all-inclusive hotels and resorts, which are particularly popular with families thanks to their child-friendly amenities. We’ve done our research and picked out three of the best.