5 of the best Chicago architecture boat tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published September 29, 2020

Chicago has one of America’s most celebrated skylines. Particularly the landmark-packed neighbourhood called The Loop, where you’ll find skyscrapers like the 19th century Monadnock Building or the 110-story Willis Tower sharing the view with cultural landmarks such as The Art Institute of Chicago. Like many major cities in the United States, open water is not far away; The Loop borders the waters of mighty Lake Michigan, making a boat trip one of the best ways to simultaneously enjoy the lake and experience the city’s peaks and troughs from an appreciative distance. Meanwhile trips along the Chicago River get you up close and personal with the city’s architectural gems of the last century and a half.

Special architecture boat tours in Chicago are designed to offer both access and information to guests. Many of the best options cover both the river and Lake Michigan in one itinerary so that you can enjoy both sides of Chicago. Many of the best boat tours also include a guide who can provide insight and information about the buildings helping you differentiate your Daniel Burnham from your Louis Sullivan buildings. These five Chicago architecture boat tours we have selected below were chosen based on many factors, including price, duration and the reviews of previous guests.