Bahamas Bareboat & Yacht Charter: Top 3 companies

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated September 21, 2019

With its picture-postcard waters, calm trade winds and well developed tourism infrastructure, the Bahamas is an enduringly popular yachting destinations. The coral-based archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean comprises over 700 islands, ranging from untouched cays to resort-laden hubs of pulsating activity such as Nassau. Each island has its own distinctive character, but all share the common denominator of being surrounded by some of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful ocean on planet earth.

A catamaran cruising on the turquoise waters of the Bahamas (Photo: Ryan Kozie via Flickr)

With so many islands to explore and a liberal sprinkling of state-of-the-art marinas and ideal anchorage spots, the Bahamas offer enticing private yacht charter holidays. Most yacht or bareboat charters in the Bahamas begin in the Abacos, one of the world’s most renowned sailboat charter areas, and from here you can hop from island to island, exploring breathtaking locations and incredible beaches. You can also tailor the yacht to your specific desires, so if, for example, you want to spend plenty of time relaxing onboard, you can choose a vessel with large deck spaces.

There are a significant number of companies offering yacht rental in the Bahamas, from sailing charters to motorboats to catamarans. The most reliable and efficient way of booking a yacht charter is through a reputable yacht charter company, which is certain to provide guarantees around insurance and safety that will allow you to enjoy your yachting adventure with peace of mind. We’ve dug deep and come up with three of the best websites for booking a Bahamas yacht charter.

With one of their four global offices located in Fort Lauderdale, Boatbookings are well acquainted with the nearby Caribbean islands of the Bahamas, which are just a 30-minute flight from Miami. The company has a total of 146 vessels available for Bahamas charters, with pretty much every preference catered for. Among their fleet are yachts ranging from 11 to 92 metres, 38 of which are offered as bareboat (no skipper or crew) and the rest as crewed yacht charters. They also offer a good selection of catamarans, which is a popular choice for yacht charters in the Bahamas. Additionally, Boatbookings have created a dedicated reviews section so you can read about how previous guests found their experience. The company also says that they visit every boat listed to check for its quality, while their online search function enables you to search for specific on-board equipment such as sport fishing and scuba gear.
Ritzy Charters offer only crewed yachts, rather than bareboats, in the Bahamas and so are our top pick for finding crewed yachts here. For charters in the Bahamas, the Florida-based company offers a huge variety of yachts across several categories, including luxury yachts, motorboats, monohulls and catamarans. The booking process itself is intuitive and simple – all you do is fill in some key details about your trip, including number of guests, dates, preferred itinerary and special requests, then you ask for a quote and wait for the company to send back a short-list of vessels based on your requirements.
Bareboat rentals are a hugely popular choice for yacht charters in the Bahamas, and out of the 89 boats that Sailo offer in the beautiful Caribbean islands, 47 are of this type. An international boat rental and yacht charter company, Sailo invite boat owners and renters to seek out the ideal yacht for their budget, tastes and needs. Visitors can hand-pick from thousands of uncrewed and crewed yachts by selecting their preferred date, location, price and yacht size, as well a perusing user reviews. They can also specify the exact route they wish to travel and then search accordingly. If you’re looking for catamaran charters, then Sailo also offer a total of 43 boats of this type.