Editor picks: Beachfront hotels in Siesta Key

by Alexander Castro  |  Published November 1, 2018

Siesta Key, Florida, rests on the Gulf of Mexico, close to Sarasota —so close, in fact, that part of the barrier island is actually within Sarasota’s city lines. In times past, it went by the name “Sarasota Key,” further cementing its kinship with the larger city. But Siesta Key is a charming vacation spot in its own right, comprised of four smaller districts and gallons upon gallons of white sand and saltwater.

Given that 32 percent of its area is water, it makes sense that Siesta Key is a good place for swim- and sun-heavy vacations. Here, we’ve chosen a few hotels that will give you easy access to the pristine shores of Siesta Key. Bright and cheerful afternoons won’t be far with any of these oceanfront options.