Editor Picks: Bed & Breakfasts in Lancaster

by Michael Upton  |  Published December 7, 2020

Millions of visitors head to Lancaster County, PA every year to witness the Amish lifestyle, dine on PA Dutch cooking, and relish in the area’s perpetual cultural renaissance. Often these visitors stay for a week or a long weekend, creating a demand filled by the area’s multiple hotels, motels, and other overnight accommodations. As quaint as the countryside is in Lancaster County it makes a lot of sense to many travelers to stay in the cozy domain of a resident-owned Inn or Bed and Breakfast. The county’s rural pasture lands, small towns, and the City of Lancaster are home to dozens of these quaint respites.

From modest and private rooms for rent to extravagantly appointed residence quarters, the Garden Spot of Pennsylvania offers amenities for any lifestyle Below are our picks for five of the most charming Bed and Breakfasts in Lancaster County, based on local insight and consistently high customer ratings online.