Los Angeles Like a Local – Best Shops in West Hollywood

by Jeff Rindskopf  |  Published February 9, 2016

The city of Los Angeles encompasses plenty of area, but West Hollywood is a city all its own, both technically and in terms of its identity. This diverse stretch of area running along Santa Monica Boulevard boasts some of the region’s best shopping. Each independent storefront is as unique as you’d expect from a town affectionately nicknamed “The Creative City.”

Book Soup

The front window of Book Soup (Photo: Finzioni Magazine via Flickr)

The front window of Book Soup (Photo: Finzioni Magazine via Flickr)

One of Los Angeles County’s most well-loved independent bookstores; Book Soup on the Sunset Strip offers an impressive selection of well-organized books of all genres, including a selection from local authors in need of support. The plentiful staff recommendations help shoppers sift through it all. Those same bookworm staff members are always on hand to offer in-person advice to help you find what you’re looking for. Best of all, Book Soup regularly hosts book signings and readings by established authors and celebrities promoting their latest works.

8818 W Sunset Blvd

2 Dollar Clothing Store

A name like this might sound too good to be true, but rest assured, 2 Dollar Clothing Store stays true to its name by selling an impressive selection of lightly used brand-name garments for just two dollars apiece. The store is unorganized but nonetheless impressive, as shoppers can spend hours sifting through massive heaps of clothes and end up buying a full wardrobe for far less than one hundred dollars. It may not be fancy, but it’s likely the perfect antidote for the overpriced designer locations of nearby Beverly Hills.

7713 Santa Monica Blvd

Brick & Mortar

This hole-in-the-wall men’s boutique might not boast an enormous selection, but the modest store carries dozens of great finds for modern men trying to look their best. Brick & Mortar includes handpicked items from other designers as well as original clothes often featuring the store’s stylish French bulldog logo. This is one of the city’s best stops for men looking to find hats, shirts, shorts or anything else wearable in a sleek but inviting setting.

8713 Santa Monica Blvd

Mystery Pier Books

Photo: Mystery Pier Books

Hidden down an alleyway off the Sunset Strip and adorned with colorful flowerbeds, West Hollywood’s famed Mystery Pier Books looks about as poetic as the prose of the classic literature they sell. This specialized book store isn’t exactly cheap, as they specialize in rare editions and signed copies of classic works from throughout history. Their commitment to collecting and preserving books has made this bibliophile’s paradise famous around the world, and the store regularly provides rare works as gifts for Hollywood awards shows. Whether or not you can afford the most impressive selections, Mystery Pier Books is worth strolling through if only to admire their selections of classics, true crime, famous screenplays and much more.

8826 W Sunset Blvd


TAGS is a prime spot to shop through some of the best fashions in the Los Angeles area, boasting designs from all sorts of rising and established designers arranged precisely across this mid-sized boutique. They have a wide selection of accessories and garments of all cuts and styles, each one as perfectly conceived as the last, as well as an impressive apothecary section of scented candles and skincare products. Their prices often exceed one hundred dollars even during sales, but it will be hard for even the most frugal woman to resist at least browsing through these fashions.

8570 W Sunset Blvd, Unit 61A


Shoe display in TenOverSix (Photo: Nicolette Mason via Flickr)

Shoe display in TenOverSix (Photo: Nicolette Mason via Flickr)

This single-story orange building on the side of Melrose Boulevard holds a spare white interior that doesn’t distract from the shop’s offerings, including unique vintage women’s fashions. TenOverSix is all about clever designs that look far greater than the sum of their parts. Women looking for something new can find it here, whether you’re in the market for an outfit, a handbag, a coffee table book or any number of practical but stylish homewares.

8425 Melrose Ave

Block Party WeHo

Since roughly 40% of its residents are gay men, homosexuality is a major part of West Hollywood’s culture, which explains why Block Party WeHo bills itself proudly as “the gayest store on Earth.” Nonetheless, this store is for all walks of life, so long as you’re looking to party. This is the premier spot to buy flashy tank tops and underwear to gear up for a celebration, especially some of the city’s regional festivals like Outfest or the West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival.

8853 Santa Monica Blvd

Johnny Cash street art in West Hollywood (Photo: ArtFan70 via Flickr)

Johnny Cash street art in West Hollywood (Photo: ArtFan70 via Flickr)

Candle Delirium

Hundreds of unique candles and of all shapes and scents line the walls and shelves of the warehouse-like Candle Delirium. The options here are practically unparalleled, with an overwhelming supply of candles to suit every local, season and mood. Friendly staff members are always on-hand to help interested guests find the candle, diffuser or bath product that’s perfect for them.

7980 Santa Monica Blvd