Editor Picks: The Best Boutique Hotels in Buenos Aires

by Bridget Gleeson  |  Published May 22, 2019

It’s the birthplace of tango, a carnivore’s dream, a nightlife destination, the hometown of Pope Francis — or, as some say, the Paris of South America. There are countless other reasons to visit Buenos Aires. For many travelers, it’s the show-stopping primary destination; for others, it’s a gateway to Argentina’s spectacular glaciers, national parks, and wine regions.

Whether you have a quick overnight or a week to spend, the city’s best boutique hotels serve as fitting introductions to the porteño lifestyle. Many of our favorites are located in the side-by-side neighborhoods of Palermo Soho or Palermo Hollywood, but there are elegant options in Recoleta, too, and an Art Deco gem in San Telmo, just south of downtown, that are just as good — if you can manage to get a room.