5 of the best Bruny Island tours from Hobart

by Paul Stafford  |  Published December 5, 2020

An hour south of Hobart in Tasmania, there’s a special island wilderness offering rugged coastline, tranquil beaches and spectacular views. Tours of Bruny Island run daily from Hobart, often focussing on the natural splendour of South Bruny National Park and the island’s excellent wildlife spotting opportunities. Fairy penguins, fur seals and white wallabies are native species often spotted on land, while albatross and wedge tailed eagles bring excitement to the skies. There’s also plenty in store for foodies, with local produce and one of Australia’s southernmost wineries found on Bruny Island.

Food tours and wildlife tours are not the only types of trip to be had from Hobart. You can take a day tour that mixes both of these along with other experiences, while a boat tour allows greater access to the coves and beaches that take longer to reach by car and ferry. Choosing the right tour for you can be time consuming, so we have condensed all the best Bruny Island tours from Hobart into this list of our favourite five. Important factors in the selection process included each tour’s itinerary, value for money, the feedback from previous travellers and the eco-friendly provisions made by the tour operators.