Where to Buy Real Madrid Football tickets

by Paul Joseph  |  Published October 6, 2022

One of the world’s biggest and most decorated football clubs, Real Madrid are the holy grail for dedicated stadium-hoppers.

A packed Bernabéu Stadium during a match (Photo: Terry Kearney via Flickr)

Based in central Spain, Real play their home matches on the hallowed turf of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, which has a seating capacity of more than 81,000. While locals make up the majority of crowds, the club’s huge global appeal means a sizeable number of tourists regularly attend games too. However, buying tickets through the official channels isn’t easy, so it’s often best to use one of the numerous online platforms that offer tickets at the Bernabéu. We’ve analysed three of the best below.

Live Football Tickets

On the scene for more than a decade, Livefootballtickets are a reputable online ticketing company. While they charge slightly higher fees than Ticketgum (see below), we found they tend to offer an even bigger selection of tickets for certain games. One significant perk is that the website usually lets you buy up to four tickets with the seats alongside each other – ideal for larger groups wanting to attend a game together.

During our searches for Real Madrid games for the 2022/23 season, tickets were available for all scheduled home fixtures, with individual ticket prices starting at an affordable €70 for lower profile games such as Real vs Cadiz in early November. However, if you had your sights set on the glamour clash with Barcelona, you’re looking at more like €450 per ticket. The site also offers a “150%” money-back guarantee if you don’t receive your tickets.

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Another reputable ticket seller, Ticketgum has excellent availability for all games at the Bernabéu for this season. We found tickets starting at €125 for a game against Girona in late October However, unsurprisingly, for more prestigious games, such as against Barcelona, rates are certain to be significantly higher. Ticket prices are determined by supply and demand, so the longer you leave it the more you’ll usually pay, too. Ticketgum own the tickets they sell, so there’s no risk of forgeries, and they arrange delivery of your tickets too, offering an express service to ensure you receive them in good time. If you’re staying in a hotel, you can even get the ticket sent directly there. They also have a very good Trustpilot rating, and there’s a 100% money back guarantee if the game’s cancelled.

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P1 Travel

P1 Travel are our top pick for hospitality tickets for Real Madrid home games. They offer everything from single tickets to luxury hospitality lounge packages that include perks such as food and beverages, lounge access, and padded seats for watching the action – with seats guaranteed next to each other so you can sit alongside family, friends or colleagues. Another advantage is that because P1 have a fixed allocation for each match, they can deliver all the tickets they sell, meaning a safe booking is guaranteed.

At Real Madrid there’s one hospitality package available: The  VIP Silver Club, which includes off-site hospitality at the NH Hotel, a short walk from the stadium, along with corner stadium seats. Included are free drinks, food in the lounge, and hosted service. Pricing for the VIP Silver Club starts at around €270 per person for less prestigious games such as Elche or Osasuna, rising to €2,400 for the big El Clasico fixture against Barcelona. You can also save on accommodation rates by adding  hotel stays to your package for an additional, but subsidised fee.

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