Cabin Rentals in Lake Tahoe: Where to book

by Holly Riddle  |  Published August 17, 2020

Lake Tahoe is a favorite nature getaway for many of those living in California, as well as for travelers from all over the world. Lake Tahoe offers plenteous summer activities — hiking and boating are two of the most popular — and numerous wintertime activities, such as skiing. However, Lake Tahoe isn’t the most affordable destination on the map, which is why some travelers choose to stay in private cabins when visiting the locale.

Photo: Pexels

The cabins around Lake Tahoe range in just about every single way you could think. There are luxurious cabins that come in a premium, either because they offer stellar amenities like what you might find at a 5-star property, or because they’re big enough to hold you and a dozen of your favorite friends or family members. There are more budget-friendly cabins, too, just large enough for you and your spouse or partner, making for a cozy retreat no matter the season.

If you’re ready to start sorting through the plentiful cabin rental options in Lake Tahoe, start here. These are our top three favorite places to look for cabin rentals in Lake Tahoe, all of which make booking easy and seamless.

The Lake Tahoe region is large. VRBO gives you the option of looking for cabins in some of the most popular places to stay in Lake Tahoe, such as Tahoe Keys, Dollar Point, Tahoe City and Olympic Valley. Many of the more affordable Lake Tahoe cabins on VRBO are around the $150 mark, for either smaller or less luxurious cabins, but you can find larger cabins for more expensive prices. Do note that when you search for cabins on VRBO, you do sometimes see rentals that aren’t exactly cabins — they might be condos, for examples. Also note that, when picking your cabin, you’ll want to take in account what you plan to do while in Lake Tahoe; VRBO offers a range of cabins suited for different activities, such as waterfront cabins for swimming and boating, and slope-side cabins for skiing.


Book at Expedia

Expedia might be more well known for its hotel offerings, but, using Expedia’s search functions and filters, you can look for home rentals only. Once in your search results, you can narrow things down by looking for cabins specifically. Unfortunately, Expedia offers far fewer cabins than VRBO, and many are at higher prices, hovering around $200 to $300. You can, though, pick through a wider range of specific Lake Tahoe neighborhoods than you can when searching via VRBO, and you can also find cabins at resorts.


Book at Famous Cabin Lake Tahoe

If you prefer a local and a luxury touch, you may want to go with local Lake Tahoe cabin rental provider Famous Cabin. While the rental provider is fairly popular, and offers all the amenities you might need from a cabin in Lake Tahoe, its selection is not the widest, and it can be difficult to find availability. Likewise, there’s the option to stay in only one location, on Lake Tahoe’s South Shore. However, if you find that the level of luxury that the provider offers is exactly what you want, you may not be deterred by these other factors.