Most Popular Calvin Klein Colognes and Perfumes for Men

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published September 11, 2023

Calvin Klein may be more famous for black and white photos of celebs in their underwear, but it also creates some of the best affordable fragrances on the market. Here are five of the best Calvin Klein scents for men.

CK One was the first gender-neutral fragrance (Photo:

Calvin Klein is a global fashion brand that broke into the perfume market during the seventies and eighties. However it was the game-changing CK One in 1994 – a fragrance for both men and women – that really put the company on the map, selling a reported 20 bottles per minute at its peak. Calvin Klein fragrances have continued to evolve, while keeping the stalwarts CK One and Obsession at the forefront, and the company now offers a range of easy-to-wear perfumes and colognes that are diverse enough to be worn whatever your travel destination.

CK One

It may not seem like much now but CK One was revolutionary when it first launched in 1994 due to the fact it was a scent that men and women could share. This fresh and fruity eau de toilette is believed to be the first marketed gender-neutral fragrance, mixing male and female elements to create a medley of bergamot, pineapple, papaya, rose and musk. The result is an aroma that is fresh and citrusy, with just a gentle floral hint and a green tea signature throughout, and designed to be worn everywhere from the office to the hotel gym. It’s completely non-offensive, with a clean, crisp scent that means you can really splash it on – no wonder this is a firm Calvin Klein best seller. From $68.00.

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Eternity Cologne for Him

Eternity is CK’s cologne with an everday wearability (Photo:

One of the reasons Calvin Klein has been so popular in the world of fragrances since the 1980s is it likes to not over complicate things. While CK One attempts to appeal to both men and women through one simple scent, Eternity Cologne sticks to being a light, easy to wear fragrance that is sporty and fresh, thanks to pine notes from lentisk, a Greek Island evergreen, as well having a rosey, minty sweetness from the bourbon geranium. It’s not a unique, overpowering smell, rather something natural that makes for a perfect companion wherever you travel. From $104.00.

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Calvin Klein Defy Eau De Parfum

Another top rated and top selling Calvin Klein fragrance is Defy Eau De Parfum, despite only being launched last year. This is a slightly darker, deeper fragrance than the Defy Eau De Toilette, launched a year earlier, and combines a seductive, warm leather note and rich woody tone with the contrasting freshness we have come to expect from Calvin Klein. Reflecting the fragrance’s modernity, 80.6 percent of ingredients are naturally sourced. From $84.00.

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Obsession Eau De Toilette For Men

Obsession is the biggest statement perfume of CK’s range (Photo:


Obsession for Men was launched in the mid-eighties and it tells. Instead of the more subtle, fresh and nineties-thinking CK One, this is a fragrance that is more deliberate and punchy. There is a potent blend of masculine smells, including botanics, spices and rare woods, with a dark end note of amber and musk and a zesty bergamot-mandarin accord. It’s almost a bit old school in its approach, harking back to a time when men focused on qualities such as self-confidence and boldness, above all else. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more of a statement scent for your travels, this is the best choice. From $82.00.

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Eternity Eau De Toilette For Men

In contrast to Obsession, Eternity Eau de Toilette is a bit more in tune with the modern man, balancing masculinity with a bit more refinement and sensitivity. With top notes of mandarin, lavender and green botanics, it has a fresh, flowery overtone, pinned down by the more dependable manly base notes of sandalwood and rosewood. What you end up with is a perfectly balanced woodsy smell with a cool, crisp edge. If you are taking one fragrance in your holdal, Eternity Eau De Toilette is equally at home by the poolside as it is for a formal dinner setting. From $72.00.

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