Cheap Car Hire at Faro Airport: The Best Companies

by Scott Dylan  |  Published August 24, 2018

Travelers arriving at Portugal’s Faro Airport (FAO) have seven companies to choose from when looking for rental cars. People looking for rental car options at the airport will notice that they can choose to go with international brands they already know or pick local companies that only service the region. Offices for car rental companies are located right outside of the airport terminal at Faro. Travelers will see local rental companies first. They can then follow signs to reach the international rental companies that are located at the airport.

Faro Airport (Photo_: Grufnik via Flickr)

Deciding which rental car company to trust your vacation to can be a tough task. TravelMag.com has taken a close look at all of the options and come up with rankings to make the decision a little easier. We’ve taken a look at what’s available and compared features to determine which companies fit the categories for the most affordable, best for families and best for luxury.

TravelMag.com has examined a variety of factors to determine the best cheap car hire options for travelers arriving at FAO Airport. We’ve taken factors like rates, car availability, reviews, rental policies and perks into account while ranking the options that are available. You can see our findings below.


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Budget is hard to beat when it comes to daily car hire rates in Portugal. This rental company offers economy models at rates that work out to be less than a person would probably end up paying for public transportation and taxis. What’s more, some competitors charge more than double the daily rates that Budget charges for vehicles that are comparable in size. Going with an option like the Renault Clio or the Opel Corsa from Budget’s fleet is the best bet for someone looking to get around as cheaply as possible. Some reviewers have experienced slow wait times when picking up vehicles at the Budget office at Faro Airport. However, travelers can expect an overall positive experience when picking up a Budget rental. The fact that cars can be scooped up for so little at this office certainly helps to ease any of the sting of waiting a few extra minutes to get some keys in your hand. What’s more, Budget’s fleet is praised for being quite new and in top condition.


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Auriga Crown Car Hire is a top choice for families planning holidays in Portugal due to the fact that this car hire agency offers a wide selection of vehicles. That means that families can go as big or as small as they want when selecting cars that work for the number of passengers they’re traveling with. Families traveling with just one kid may want to save money and go for a mini option like a Toyota Aygo. There are also roomier options like the Ford Galaxy or Toyota RAV 4 in Auriga‚Äôs fleet. Auriga Crown Car Hire allows customers to add on extras like baby seats and child seats. Luggage racks can also be added if families are traveling with lots of gear.


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Sixt’s fleet at Faro Airport definitely impresses due to its luxury options. What’s especially nice about Sixt’s fleet is that travelers can splurge on a little bit of luxury without encountering over-the-top daily rates. For instance, something like a BMW 1 Series doesn’t go for much more per day than most of the practical car options people choose. Sixt earns some extra points for offering unlimited mileage for its vehicles. That’s important for travelers who are opting for luxury vehicles because they want tons of comfort during a long journey of exploring Portugal’s many beautiful attractions. Sixt also sweetens the deal with built-in extras like theft protection, third-party liability and a collision waiver.