5 of the Best Car Shipping Companies

by Paul Joseph  |  Updated November 18, 2021

Worth over $12 billion a year, car shipping is a huge industry in the US, most often used by people moving to another part of the country on a medium or long-term basis. Whatever your needs, the choices are almost endless.


While most possessions can be taken with you when travelling long distances, one thing that can’t be easily moved around if you’re already stacked with worldly belongings is your car – especially when it would require several days on the road to drive it to your final destination yourself. Whether you’re moving to another state for a few months for work or travel, upping sticks permanently, or simply looking to transport a brand new car over land or sea, there are a huge number of car shipping companies in the US offering services that cater to every budget and need.

The benefits of using a car shipping service extend beyond the freedom to travel without being behind the wheel. It also avoids wear and tear on your car, not to mention fuel costs. And because the insurance requirements are so strict, you can leave your car in their hands with absolute peace of mind. But that’s not to say that picking your preferred shipping company is an easy task, as there’s simply so much choice in the market. So we’ve dug through the weeds so you don’t have to and picked out 5 that we’d be happy to recommend.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is one of the country’s top Auto Transport firms, specialising in the shipping of privately owned vehicles, motorcycles, and heavy equipment to and from all fifty states as well as internationally. They work extremely hard to build solid carrier relationships so that their customers have a high-quality shipping experience at a fair price. Instant quoting technology powers sites like Classic Cars, Hemmings, and many other well-known companies. In short, they are a talented group of people with a passion for logistics and working with customers that need help.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, Sherpa Auto Transport specialise in domestic car shipping in the US. With superb service and safety as their guiding principles, they use proprietary ranking and scheduling algorithms to optimise routes and ensure your vehicle is paired with a driver you can rely on. They offer a full suite of solutions, including standard open-carrier options for personal cars, and to help you relax they provide real-time updates on the progress of your vehicle throughout its journey. Their service is also highly personalised, with dedicated experts working with you to create a custom shipment plan for your budget and needs. They also offer an industry-first Clean Car Guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle arriving covered in dirt and debris.

CFR Rinkens

Our top pick for international car shipping, CFR Rinkens have more than 25 years of experience in the business, and today ship around 2,000 cars every month out of all major US and Canadian ports to destinations across the world. They pride themselves on having their own domestic trucking department that can pick up cars from anywhere, usually within days. All you need to do is provide the address and contact information where the vehicle needs to be collected – and they’ll do the rest. They can ship cars from your location to the port in an open carrier truck or an enclosed transporter. And for maximum peace of mind, a dedicated team of expert auto transport agents are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Montway Auto Transport

Founded in 2007, Montway are a national leader in the auto transport industry, arranging shipments for over 140,000 vehicles every year. They’ve gained a reputation for low prices, and offer guaranteed pickup dates so you can plan ahead. Montway also try to find GPS-enabled drivers so you can check on the whereabouts of your vehicle during transit, while a dedicated team look into the background of potential drivers too. Montway have also invented a pricing calculator that sends you quotes in minutes, and the company claim their prices are about 5% below the industry average. Finally, Montway pride themselves on exceptional customer service, evidenced in their consistently strong customer reviews.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Founded in 2017, Sherpa Auto Transport are one of the newest names in the US car shipping sector, but have quickly developed a strong reputation among car shipping customers. One of the policies that helps them stand out from the crowd is their guaranteed costs, whereby if the cost goes up after your initial estimate, Sherpa will cover the difference up to $300. The company also performs intense background checks of potential carriers so that you get the best drivers. Add in a free car wash with all bookings and consistently excellent customer reviews, then you can see how a company that is only four years old landed a spot in our listing.