The Best Cheap Hotels in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

by Chris Newens  |  Published August 6, 2017

We get that Eindhoven in itself may not be top of many people’s European travel itinerary. The fifth largest city in the Netherlands, it’s seen a remarkable growth over the last century (in 1900 it was little more than a village). The establishment of electronics firm Philips here, however, saw it become a centre of the Dutch tech industry. These days it’s a brainy, trendy town, that’s more than worth your time. Perhaps more importantly, though, it’s a travel hub for budget airlines, and an overnight stay may make it easier to handle those early departures.

In this regard, the hotels of Eindhoven know their market. Smart, efficient, and comfortable, they’re mostly excellent places to bed down for the evening, often with good onsite facilities. Nevertheless, we’ve delved through those on offer to find you some of the best (and best value) options in this regard.