Editor’s Picks: Cheap Hotels in Lyon

by Chris Newens  |  Published March 31, 2017

Could there be any town that’s more French than Lyon? Paris is too wrapped up in being Paris, Marseille has the whole Mediterranean thing going on, likewise Nice. Bordeaux is stiff competition, but maybe a bit too caught up with its wine to offer the same kind of hearty taste of true France as the Lyonais. Deep in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, people come to Lyon for the atmosphere, for the architecture, and the people, but most importantly they come for the food.

In terms of hotels, Lyon is not exactly the budget travellers dream: it’s a town better known for indulgence than saving, after all. But that doesn’t mean that low cost options don’t exist – and the one’s that do, that we’ve found at least, are some of the best value for money hotels around, shopping the same luxury as you’ll find elsewhere in the city, but at a far more reasonable price.