Editor Picks: The best cheap hotels in Naples, Italy

by Chris Newens  |  Updated July 14, 2017

See Naples and die. That’s the saying, anyway: suggesting that this teeming city on the Southern Italian coast is the zenith of all travel. And while technically the saying is in reference to that spectacular sweeping bay, it could just as well include the town’s sweltering maze of medieval alleys, the fiery passion of its people, and the impossible flavours of its food.

A top European tourist destination for at least the past two hundred years, there’s no difficulty in finding a hotel in Naples. But finding a good one, now that can be a trickier. Fortunately for you, we at TravelMag are on hand to help you negotiate the Neapolitan backstreets, and have picked five hotels from the many (many!) on offer that will neither break the bank, nor the spirit, and make for excellent bases from which to explore this enchanting city.