The Top 5 cheap hotels in Oslo

by Chris Newens  |  Published March 5, 2017

With things Scandinavian so in at the moment, it’d be easy to imagine cities throughout the region overrun by tourists in search of a minimalist, clean living, knitted-jumper-wearing Valhalla. And while that may be close to becoming a reality in the Swedish and Danish capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen, Norway’s number one town is still an almost entirely undiscovered gem. Founded by Harald Hardrada back in the 11th Century, it’s not a showy city, but it is an excellent door into authentic Scandi living, remarkable in its proximity to nature and the warmth of its cosmopolitan population.

Caution budgeteers, Oslo frequently ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world, meaning finding cheap accommodation here is not easy. However, we at TravelMag have searched high and low so you don’t have to and found these five high-quality hotels all at impressively a-fjord-able prices!