The best 5 cheap hotels in Pisa

by Chris Newens  |  Published March 23, 2017

Much more than just a wonky tower, Pisa’s brilliant architectural riches date from its illustrious maritime past, back when it was an independent city state rivalling the likes of Florence and Genoa. Today, it’s best known in Italy as an education hub, the town’s university lending a youthful vibrancy to its 15th Century architecture; while its rail links down the countries western coast make it a great gateway to the Tuscan region.

Hotel-wise, being a tourist hotspot there are plenty to choose from, and no few budget options at that. This being said, not every budget hotel is a guaranteed winner. Fortunately, we at TravelMag have gone the extra distance to sort the wheat from the not so good wheat to suggest you these five choices, sure to provide any holiday with the best foundations.