7 of the Best Chicago Moving Companies

by Davina van Buren  |  Published January 4, 2022

Renowned for its architecture, world-class museums, and incredible food, Chicago offers that perfect mix of city and lake life. 

Chicago (Photo: vagueonthehow via Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Known as the “Windy City,” Chicago is home to nearly three million people. It is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and although it’s grown slowly over the past decade—at a rate of about 1.9 percent—the 2020 census re-solidified its status as the nations’ third-largest city. Whether you are relocating from another state, a different city, or just across town, here are some of the best moving companies to get you in or out of Chicago. 

Two Men & A Truck 

What started as a side gig for two brothers to make extra cash in the early 1980s has since morphed into the largest franchised local moving company in the United States. With nearly 400 locations located all over the world, almost everyone is familiar with their stick-figure logo designed by the founders’ mom. Two Men & a Truck can help with any size or distance move and they also offer a variety of ancillary services such as storage, furniture moving/rearranging, and cleanout services. For long-distance moves, they offer two options: ValueFlex, where your items are shipped in a dedicated crate on a truck with other families’ belongings, or the more popular Expedited move, in which your items are shipped on their own dedicated truck with the same crew beginning to end. Two Men & a Truck has an excellent reputation, great reviews, and an informative website that explains pricing and offers moving tips. 

New City Moving 

This well-reviewed moving company specializes in local moves in and around Chicago—they have dozens of offices in Chicagoland—but can also accommodate long-distance moves that originate in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Iowa, or Minnesota. Their website states they take the term “professional” very seriously, and their reviews reflect that ethos. One thing customers like is that all of their movies and packers must pass a background check. In addition to moving and packing/unpacking services, New City also offers storage, moving supplies and boxes, and insurance for your valuable items. New City Moving has strong roots in the community and offers a $1,000 scholarship each year to any U.S. citizen accepted to or currently attending a college or university within the United States. 

All My Sons Moving & Storage 

Located in Franklin Park, a suburb of Chicago, All My Sons advertises heavily in the local moving department, but they can also help with long-distance moves that originate in and around Chicago. They offer corporate, commercial, and auto moves in addition to services such as packing/unpacking and Their popular full-service moving options includes disassembly and reassembly of furniture, loading and unloading of all your belongings, and more. Although their website is robust, it’s not the most user-friendly in terms of gaining information about the company history or transparent pricing methods. It requires a specific zip code to even get a quote. However, their reviews are good (4 out of five stars from nearly 500 Google reviews), so we suggest calling for a quote. 

Moovers Chicago 

Specializing in Illinois moves only, Moovers Chicago has a great reputation as a family-owned company. They specialize in moving studios, houses and up to three-bedroom apartments from buildings with and without elevators.Moovers gets the job done by disassembling all of your bully furniture with power tools and reassembling at the new site. They carefully wrap your belongings in shrink wrap and/or moving blankets, which they provide. Their website indicates they take safety very seriously and all crew members are uniformed and equipped with back support belts and gloves. In addition, Moovers has a robust FAQ section on their website which answers lots of common questions about their moving services. 

606 Movers 

606 Movers stands out amongst Chicago moving companies not only because of their excellent service ratings, but for their commitment to eco-friendly practices that help the environment. In addition to their local and intrastate moving and packing services, 606 offers a plastic crate rental program that encourages customers to use their sturdy, reusable crates instead of cardboard boxes. They’re better for the earth, plus they hold a lot and the company takes care of drop-off a few days before the move and pick-up once you’ve settled in. 606 handles residential, commercial, and corporate moves and has a resource-rich blog on their user-friendly. informative website. 

All Seasons Movers 

Another locally-owned company specializing in Chicagoland moves, All Seasons Movers has excellent reviews and ratings from customers. The pricing on their westie is transparent and easy to understand: two movers for $75/hr; three movers for $110/hr; or four movers for $140/hr. Their range of options includes packing/unpacking, rental truck loading or unloading, or full-service moves which covers everything from start to finish. All team members are fully licensed and insured and the company also provides free estimates. All Season’s website is easy to navigate and informative, including a handy apage with unusual but effective packing tips. 

Midway Moving & Storage 

Are you a Chicago Cubs fan? If so, of course you’ll want the Official Mover of the Chicago Cubs to move you! This well-respected company has been around since 1987, when a young entrepreneur started his side hustle in his parents’ basement. Even though Midway specializes in local residential, commercial moves, as well as moving heavy or bulky items such as pianos, they can also move you across the country. They run the route form Chiacvgo to Florida often. Additionally, they can offer full service packing/unpacking and storage services, and they have a realtor referral program for realtors in the Chicago area.