A Comparison of Day Tours from Copenhagen to Malmö

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published September 10, 2023

Malmö, Sweden’s multicultural third-largest city, can be reached in 30 minutes from Copenhagen, making it the ultimate day trip on even just a flying visit. Here are three days trips that take in two countries in one day.

The Øresund Bridge (Photo:

Before the year 2000 a weekend in Copenhagen pretty much meant a weekend in Denmark. Opening at the turn of the millennium, the $4.3bn Øresund Bridge changed all that, creating a 16km direct link between Denmark and Sweden. Designed by architect Georg K.S. Rotne and consisting of a bridge, a tunnel and the artificial island Peberholmen, the Øresund Bridge means that visitors to Copenhagen can reach Malmö, Sweden’s third-largest city, in around 30 minutes. Call it two countries for the price of one, call it travelling bragging rights, or call it another country ticked off the list – whatever it is, this is certainly a day trip with a difference. Just don’t forget your passport.

Full-Day Trip to Malmö with Swedish Lunch

One for foodies, this trip whisks over the Øresund Bridge in time for a typical two-course Swedish lunch with your guide, as well as grabbing coffee and a pastry during a tour of Malmö. As well as immersing visitors in Malmö’s gastronomy, there is plenty of history, new and old, on offer, exploring the corners and squares of Gamla Väster, the old town, St. Peter’s Church, a gothic gem built in the 14th century, the award-winning Malmö City Library and the neo-futurist skyscraper Turning Torso, as well as a walk with your guide through the wonderful gardens of the Old Cemetery. The duration of the tour is 6.5 hours and while it is certainly quite expensive – the food element for some is perhaps unnecessary – it is also one of the more luxurious and relaxing ways to see the Swedish city. From € 307 per person.

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Lund & Malmö: Guided Tour of 2 Countries in One Day

Lund Cathedral (Photo:

For those who find one extra country and one extra city simply not enough, step forward the nine-hour Lund and Malmö tour. Not only does this tour take in the city of Helsingør in Denmark, with its magnificent renaissance Kronborg Castle (aka Hamlet’s Castle) and the Terminator 2-style Han Statue, but it jumps over to Lund in Deenmark (via the ferry) to see St Peter’s Priory, before arriving in Malmö. Here there will be free time to explore before taking the Øresund Bridge back to Copenhagen. If you absolutely must see everything on a trip (and have seriously itchy feet) this has to be the best tour to get a feel of the area and cities around The Sound, the strait between Denmark and Sweden. From € 127.45 per person.

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Copenhagen: Tour Across the Øresund Bridge to Lund and Malmö

Øresund Bridge (Photo:

For anyone thinking, hmm I’d like a combo of the two above please for a cut down price, then this is the coach tour to take. Using the Øresund Bridge both ways it cuts out a bit of time but still visits Lund, the Viking city with tiny cobblestone streets, before heading to Malmö. Apart from the travelling around, which is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, this tour has a bit more free time to explore by yourself. For the money and time needed, it’s a really good way to get to see more of Sweden than a quick walk around Malmö too, plus you won’t come away feeling like you need to process an encyclopedia’s worth of information.

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