3 of the best Dubai desert safari tours

by Paul Joseph  |  Published March 4, 2019

With so much of Dubai designed to make you forget that the city is in the middle of a desert, which goes as far as the extravagance of an indoor ski slope in a high-rise building, you could be forgiven for visiting and never seeing a grain of sand. However, glitz and modernity aside, the desert outside the city has plenty of positive aspects, and a visit is one of the best ways to encounter an older, more authentic side of Dubai.

Of the various ways to head out into the dunes, a guided safari, swapping the traditional camel for a slightly faster vehicle instead, is the best way to go. Once out in the desert, you might be surprised at the amount of wildlife and natural beauty on offer, particularly at dusk when the temperature drops rapidly, encouraging a whole natural world to come out of hiding. Here are three of the best safari tours from Dubai.