5 of the best East London tours

by Paul Stafford  |  Published July 17, 2020

London’s East End transformation over the last decade has been a fascinating thing to watch, as the City of London’s skyline gradually creeps out to consume the land around Brick Lane. But the area’s history is still palpable, from the old gangster haunts of the Kray twins around Whitechapel, the profusions of street art, vintage shopping and South Asian culture to be found along Brick Lane, to the hedonistic nightlife of Shoreditch.

The area’s history and diversity of interests, cultures and arts means there are plenty of tours ranging from broad introductions of the East End to niche explorations of a certain theme. Gangster, social history and especially street art, these are the main themes for some for the best tours in East London. While there are plenty of different options currently available, the five options on this list stand out for a variety of factors, including their itineraries, value for money, uniqueness of experience and, in one case, the fact that the guide is a well-known actor.