Editor’s Choice: Escorted Tours of Vietnam and Cambodia

by Paul Stafford  |  Published May 14, 2019

Southeast Asia went from being largely undeveloped for tourism to being one of the most heavily touristed regions on the planet within mere decades. The fabled ruins of Angkor Wat and the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay have never been easier to visit, and that might well be obvious to travellers there given the number of other tourists you are likely to meet. While that does not undermine the places themselves, having some inside knowledge about when and where to go to have an authentic experience is particularly valuable.

There are a number of excellent, fully escorted tours around Cambodia and Vietnam, some of which even offer a combined itinerary that takes in sites in both countries. The best tours of the region also take in places that are not on the main backpacker trails, getting you away from the crowds and into the country proper. Here are some of the best tours in Cambodia and Vietnam based on price, itinerary and value for money, while also considering past traveller reviews.