A comparison of ferries to Isle of Man

by Alyssa James  |  Published January 23, 2019

The Isle of Man is 221 square miles of striking landscapes, scenic drives, and over a 100,000 years of Manx history still visible today. Visitors can explore heritage sites, ancient monuments, and museums all year-round. In the fair weather periods, the Isle of Man draws people for cycling along country roads, walking and hiking the glens, climbing its rugged cliffs, and watching its unique wildlife. Taking a ferry to the Isle of Man offers the opportunity to enjoy all the island has to offer by giving you the ability to travel with independence and your own equipment for whatever activity takes your fancy.

The Steam Packet Company operates ferries from Heysham, Liverpool, and Birkenhead to the Isle of Man, giving you the option to travel as a foot passenger or with a car. Here is a comparison of the three journeys and the vessels that sail them: