Editor Picks: The best 4 Star Hotels in Rome

by Chris Newens  |  Updated August 8, 2019

Some cities tax the superlatives; others go further and practically become superlatives themselves. Roman grandeur is real, and it’s there on every side street, every piazza, every monument, of this utterly beguiling destination, which has been doing the big city thing longer than pretty much anywhere else. What use is a paragraph to sum up anything close to the history and beauty Rome offers? Perhaps our only option is to name just a few of the things the Italian capital is famous for and let your mind do the rest: the Colosseum, the Pantheon, pizza, vespas, the Spanish Steps…

As with any major destination, there are hotels here to meet all tastes – and, indeed, all sub categories of all tastes. With that in mind, we’ve put together an eclectic selection of four star establishments, from large to small, from modern to traditional, from franchise to family run so that you can have the Roman holiday that’s right for you.

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