4 of the best Galapagos tours & cruises from Quito

by Paul Stafford  |  Published November 6, 2020

We owe our greater understanding of our presence on Earth to the Galapagos Islands. More specifically, we owe it to Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection and evolution following his observations of the natural diversity on these remarkable islands. Understandably, tours of the Galapagos Islands are incredibly popular and a fine balance has to be struck between exaltation of this special place and the protection of it for future generations. Therefore, only certain islands are open to visitors.

All tours run from the Ecuadorean capital city, Quito, and require a return flight ticket and hotel reservation in order to limit delinquency and stop-ons. Most Galapagos tours simply include this return flight to Santa Cruz island as part of the package, followed by hotels and/or sea transportation from there. There are many tour companies running trips to the Galapagos, but it’s essential to book with a reputable and environmentally-responsible operator, especially here. Trips of under a week are possible, but the best options spend two weeks or more allowing ample opportunity to spot wildlife in action. Here are the top four Galapagos tours and cruises from Quito based on a variety of factors including price, itinerary and ratings from previous guests.