Most Popular Givenchy Perfumes and Colognes for Men

by Oliver Stallwood  |  Published January 3, 2024

Givenchy is not just a fashion powerhouse, with a range of irresistible fragrances. Here are five of the most popular Givenchy perfumes and colognes for men:


Hubert de Givenchy always saw perfume as a natural extension of his couture – the clothes and scents would have the same elegance built in. Just five years after the French brand Givenchy launched in 1952, its founder launched the first perfume, L’Interdit. The fragrance had been created specifically for Audrey Hepburn shortly after Givenchy had met her (and fallen for her charms) and the actress wore it for a year before it was officially launched. Two years later the company followed up with its first men’s fragrances. Fast forward 70 years and Givenchy is a fragrance powerhouse alongside its clothing, with a dazzling range for both women and men, including Eay de Toilettes, Eau de Parfums, and even spray deodorants. Here are five of the most popular Givenchy perfumes and colognes for men:

Gentleman Givenchy

Starting off with an all -time classic, Gentleman Givenchy is impossible to ignore for a number of reasons. OG Gentleman is one of Givenchy’s key Eau de Parfums and one of the company’s big sellers thanks to its powerful statement scent that is not for anyone who wants to blend into the background. The intense woody, floral and spicy hit is produced by a complex multitude of ingredients, ranging from iris mingled with a burning, balmy wood accord, as well as spicy hints of black pepper and coriander. At the heart is floral orris concrete essential oil and cacao to smooth out the sharper elements. Gentleman Givenchy is the ideal companion for anyone travelling to a big social event where making the right entrance is everything. From $101.

Givenchy PI

Everything from the exotic Art Deco bottle to the sweet yet powerful metrosexual odor shouts late nineties (PI was introduced in 1998) and PI is still going strong. This isn’t one for die-hard fans of masculine, musky fragrances, instead adopting a fruity, herbal opening of rosemary, mandarin and basil. There are darker notes like anis and ironwood too, meaning that it never gets too sweet and sickly, rather staying fresh, light and floral, as well as being more suited to all-day wearing. For anyone who wants a confident fragrance that is not overtly masculine, PI could be the one. From $85.00.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only


Gentlemen Only is a modern eau de toilette that is infused with rich green, spice and wood notes, as well as green mandarin, pink pepper and nutmeg. Launched just a decade ago, this is a woody fragrance, thanks to birchleaf and cedar, with a citrus twist to lift it up for everyday wearing in sunnier climbs. It’s fresh and not too overpowering, with a discreet aroma that is noticeable but doesn’t attract unwanted attention – perfect for an informal work trip abroad. From $108.00.

Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label

Even Givenchy’s more budget-conscious fragrances smell anything but cheap. This scent is designed for active wearers, so aligned with CK One in the freshness department, and can be liberally sprayed all day when travelling. Classic notes of lavender, bergamont, cedar and grapefruit may not make this a particularly unique fragrance, but that’s kind of the point – it’s light and cool, rather than trying to make a big statement. From $47.89.

Givenchy Intense Ultramarine


Another cheapy Givenchy perfume – and this one comes in at less than 30 bucks. The only thing that lets down this product is the packaging – the bottle and box look a bit too bargain basement in my opinion – because aside from that it’s an expensive-smelling fresh, cool scent inspired by the sea and nature. It is floral and fruity, with watermelon, magnolia and blackcurrant, with hints of cardamon and iris. You could also argue that Intense Ultramrine is even a little soapy, and this can be a good or bad thing depending on your viewpoint. Who doesn’t want a freshly-washed and bouncy scent doing a long stint in economy class? From $29.65.