Where to Buy Cheap Golden State Warriors Game Tickets

by Holly Riddle  |  Published February 17, 2020

The Golden State Warriors and Dub Nation are one of the biggest powerhouses in the NBA. As of 2020, the Warriors have six NBA championships under their belt and, as such, are tied with the Chicago Bulls for third-most Championships in NBA history.

Photo: Tony Wasserman via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

The Golden State Warriors play their games at Chase Center, which is located in San Francisco. If you want to buy risk-free, single game tickets for the Warriors, we recommend the two leading ticketing companies in the US.


Book with TicketMaster

As the official ticketing partner of the NBA and the Golden State Warriors, Ticketmaster is our favorite option for purchasing tickets. On the platform, you will find primary tickets and fan-to-fan resale tickets, both 100% guaranteed by Ticketmaster. Use their handy map to see exactly where you will be seated. Prices vary depending on the seating location and the opponent. For example, we found the cheapest tickets starting at $50 for a game against the Memphis Grizzlies and $180 for a game against the Lakers. Be aware that Ticketmaster charges between 15 and 20% in fees, depending on the category and type of ticket. Tickets are conveniently delivered to your mobile immediately after purchase.

Stubhub, the second big player in the online ticketing market, only offers resale tickets for the Warriors. Prices for the cheapest available ticket on Stubhub are often higher than Ticketmaster, but not always, so its worth checking both sites to ensure you are getting the best seat for the best price. Plus, the resale option means that you may still be able to buy tickets for sold-out events or find discount tickets. Fees are comparable to Ticketmaster and mobile delivery is also available.


More info

If you are looking for season tickets or planning a visit with a group of more than eight, you need to order via the Warriors’ website. You can book ticket packages, such as suite tickets and mini-plans, with multiple tickets for some of the best games of the season. Finding out the pricing for one of these special options, though, requires that you work with one of the team’s dedicated sales staff members. This can be a downside for some ticket shoppers, who want the convenience of purchasing their NBA tickets online.